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    The vocal ensemble CARMINA VIVA

  • Philosophy & passion

    The ensemble intends to reach the highest possible artistic level by idealism, individual commitment and the development of a homogeneous sound quality. According to the motto “from the Renaissance to the modern times” the vocal ensemble spans a wide stylistic arc over the various eras of classical choral music. Furthermore CARMINA VIVA regularly performs demanding musical arrangements of popular music or even Jazz.

    Upcoming Concerts

    Requiem - Weihnachten 1944, 75 years commemoration of the bombing of Saint Vith, Ostbelgienfestival, church of Saint Vitus in Saint Vith

    29.12.2019 - 19.00 h

    Past Concerts

    archive (link)


    Advent concert, church of Emmels

    08.12.2019 - 15.00 h


    Classifications of the choirs, Triangel in Sankt Vith

    10.11.2019 - whole day: we sing at 16.40 h


    Concerts with Voices, Bergkapelle of Eupen

    05.10.2019 - 20.00 h


    Concerts with Kaleidoskop, church of Weywertz

    27.10.2019 - 18.00 h


    Participation at the Chorbienale in Aachen

    22.06.2019 - from 16.00 h on (We submit the place and the exact time as soon as they are confirmed)


    Concerts with Musica Nova, St. Antonius church of Mürringen

    (afterwards there is a nice drink opposite the church)

    23.03.2019 - 20.00 h


    In den Frühling, Pfarrkirche Amel

    03.03.2018 - 20.00 h


    The armed man from K. Jenkins, St. Vitus church of Sankt Vith (link)

    05.05.2018 - 20.00 h


    The armed man from K. Jenkins, St.Nicholas church of Eupen (link)

    06.05.2018 - 17.00 h


    The armed man from K. Jenkins, Cathedral of Malmedy (link)

    11.05.2018 - 20.00 h


    Concert in Vaals

    08.09.2018 - 19.30 h


    Concert in St. Bonifatius AC Forst

    18.11.2018 - 15.00 h


    Advent concert in the church of Bütgenbach

    Carmina Viva and la quintessenza

    08.12.2018 - 20.15 h

  • From the idea to the vocal ensemble

    The history of our choir

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    The East-Belgian vocal ensemble CARMINA VIVA was founded in 1998 under the direction of Vera Saam-Genten. Then, during three years, Vera and Rainer Hilger shared the work as conductors. Since November 2012 Rainer Hilger has been solely responsible for the musical direction of the ensemble.


    The intention of the trained conductor is to create a homogeneous vocal ensemble in order to give ambitious young singers the opportunity to interpret works as well varied as demanding.


    History of success


    At regular competitions of East-Belgian choirs CARMINA VIVA was permanently among the top-ranked choirs. November 2019 CARMINA VIVA was the best-ranked choir of the German-speaking Community with 98%, the best result ever in East-Belgian history.

    Concerts & successes

    This artistic excellence has been confirmed successfully at concerts in the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Wallonia, Flanders, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg as well as at international choral festivals in Orscholz (G) and Wernigerode (G). In 2014 CARMINA VIVA earned a 2nd place at the European Choir Competition in Mersch (L).

  • The singers

    Vocal music "at its best"


    Karin Klomp

    Larissa Harrer

    Tanja Schmitz

    Bärbel Cremer

    Inge Hoffmann

    Samira Schür

    Vera Saam-Genten

    Michaela Schumacher-Fank


    Nadia Sarlette

    Gisela Paquay

    Helga Piette

    Ines Jouck

    Nathalie Biedermann

    Caroline Spoden

    Katrin Greven

    Marie-Eve Hoffmann


    Daniel Klinkenberg

    Yannick Rocha

    Matthias Verniers

    Olivier Lodomez

    Gerd Gommes


    Hubert Schneider

    Karl-Heinz Pelzer

    Christian Rauw

    Fabrice Hinck

    Candy Tautges

    Dominik Piront

  • Musical direction

    In 2009, Rainer Hilger joined Vera Saam-Genten as conductor of CARMINA VIVA. These two driving forces both strongly identify with the ensemble’s aims and its musical ambitions. In November 2012, Vera Saam-Genten took the decision to entrust Rainer Hilger with the conducting of the choir and to play a different musical role within our vocal ensemble.

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    Rainer Hilger

    The feeling of sound

    Rainer Hilger studied at the Conservatoire royal de Liège where he graduated in accompanying piano, chamber music, written harmony, practical harmony, music history, music analysis and general psychopedagogy, and where he obtained the diplôme supérieur in piano.


    Furthermore he attended conducting classes with Enrico Delomboye and Jan Stulen, and choir conducting courses with Ludo Claesen at the Conservatorium Maastricht (NL) where he obtained a Bachelor degree in orchestral conducting and a Master degree in choral conducting. Then he obtained a Master degree in orchestral conducting at the Lemmensintituut Leuven by visiting conducting lessons with Jan Van der Roost, Edmond Saveniers and Ivan Meylemans.


    Additionally he attended Eric Ericson’s Masterclass in Haarlem (NL), a renowned master class that enabled him to work with the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Groot Omroepkoor. He also participated in masterclasses by Johannes Prinz, Anders Eby, Kaspars Putnins, Grete Pedersen, Jos van Veldhoven, Simon Halsey, Hans Leenders and Daniel Reuss. For three years he co-conducted the Kerkraads Symfonie Orkest with Manon Meijs and from 2011 to 2016 he conducted the symphonic wind orchestra Cercle Musical Kelmis.


    Rainer Hilger also conducts the East-Belgian wind band Fanfare Musica Nova and he regularly leads choir projects and workshops in East-Belgium and Luxembourg such as the Robert Schuman choir with young singers from four different countries.

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